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The Café Kong Wiki is about the people [regulars], society [cult], and functions [rituals] of the ever glorious Café Kong.


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The Café KongEdit

Is maybe the greatest room on the gaming website, Kongregate. Not only does it have a tolerance for new members who wish to become regulars, but it also has a flourishing influx of moderators at all times, making sure that the Café is behaving, and not doing anything it shouldn't (we wouldn't want that, now would we?). So stop by whenever you want, just be sure to behave.

-FlyingAgorian Was Here

-Scritter Was Here Later

-Fiendmummy Was Here Even Later

Room Owners of Café Kong Edit

Café Kong has had 3 room owners so far in it's history of Kongregate. In 2007, the room was created with the help of its first moderator, and owner, Valkyrie. She led Café Kong and served many. However, after turning Café Kong into a wonderful room, Valkyrie decided that her services would be better used across other rooms on Kongregate and moved, leaving the room to the new owner, Venzael. Venzael was a good and solid room owner, using the teachings and ways of Valkyrie to continue to keep Café Kong up to it's standards. During both their ownerships, Café dished out and created many new Modlings who began to help Kongregate all over, in rooms of all languages. Unfortunately, as all of us do, the real world was in need of Venzael, and so in order to keep an active mod in a room, so he may still visit, Venzael left the room to Hayato_Sakashi. While still a young mod, Hayato runs the Café with help of other mods, and keeps the atmosphere warm. She likes to give out Cookies with the visitors drinks. She takes in the new users and teaches them the ways of the Café, so that they may get along with the rest of the regulars, but for those that make her mad, by disrespecting the Café, or breaking the rules, beware.